Dogs In The Park

Local business owners John and Sue of Dogs In The Park engaged me to take on their Digital Marketing needs during a time of transition due to COVID-19. At the time, all physical dog classes had ceased, and the organization needed a boost for their new online courses.

I began by creating a Digital Marketing Strategy for Dogs In The Park. Not being Marketing professionals themselves, John and Sue allowed me to use my experience and judgement to help them decide in which areas to spend their limited advertising budget. With no previous data to go on, I started with an even split between Facebook Ads, Google Display ads, and Google Search ads. From there, I made monthly adjustments and recommendations as I began to better understand their online audience.

As time went by, I got into the habit of providing a monthly report for John and Sue so that they were aware of what I was doing and how I was spending their money. In these reports, I would often give additional suggestions on how to improve other areas of Marketing. One of these suggestions was to update select pages on their website to be more concise and aligned with the copy of the ads I was writing. I also assisted in developing new pages, adjusting COVID-19 messages, and updating the navigation bar.

“Working with Valerie has been a treat!  Valerie helped us to capitalize on the opportunities that came during the pandemic.  Her way of looking at marketing has helped us turn what could have been a difficult and disastrous situation into a wonderful opportunity for us to grow.  Thank you Valerie; your professionalism, enthusiasm and encouragement has really made the difference to us at Dogs in the Park.”

Sue Alexander, Principle, Dogs In The Park

Organization: Dogs In The Park

Years: 2020-2021

Types of work: Digital Marketing, Website (Squarespace)