Dyke Bar Takeover Kitchener Waterloo

Dyke Bar Takeover Kitchener Waterloo is a volunteer-based initiative dedicated to creating and supporting spaces for queer cis, trans women, non-binary folx and allies. As one of the core volunteers, I am committed to bi-weekly meetings as well as attending all virtual and in-person events.

I created and fully implemented a plan that included social media (Instagram and Facebook), a website, an email newsletter, PR statements, event promotion, and media & community organization relations. With a budget of zero dollars and a team of 3-4 volunteers who all have full time jobs, we’ve gathered an amazing community of almost 1000 online followers, held virtual & in-person events for 150 people, and raised $995 for local queer charities – all in our first year of existence.

The most important part of my work with Dyke Bar Takeover KW is to ensure that all language is inclusive, accessible, and aligns with our mandate. This has involved much personal learning and listening to the queer community and their needs. I’m honoured to be trusted with the voice of an organization that is so close to our hearts.

I’m proud of what I’ve done with DBTKW because we did so much with so little, through extremely challenging times. It is my favourite passion project so far. It’s enabled me to connect with many people who are as committed to inclusivity and social equity as I am, from organizations across the Region. With more resources and scale, we could do so much more.

To see my work with Dyke Bar Takeover KW in action, visit our Instagram, Facebook, or website.

Organization: Dyke Bar Takeover Kitchener Waterloo

Years: Aug 2020 – Present

Type of work: Communications, Event Promotion, Community Engagement