SAI Platform (Harvesting the Future)

SAI Platform is a non-profit sustainable agriculture organization with global operations. The Harvesting the Future case project is a collaboration between SAI Platform, the Turkey-based Fair Labor Association, and many other Turkish stakeholders in an effort to improve working conditions for migrant labourers in that country.

For this 3000+ word case study, similar to the Sugar Beet project I wrote for SAI Platform last year, my task was to describe the goals, actions, challenges, and success of the project in a way that would engage current and future SAI Platform members. In contrast to technical documents and progress reports, we wanted to tell a narrative of the work and its impact. Our goal was to encourage readers to engage in similar projects in their own industries and countries.

Once again, SAI Platform entrusted me with the project from start to finish, allowing me to lead my own research, conduct stakeholder interviews with Turkish stakeholders and SAI Platform project managers, and form the overall narrative. I was also an active participant in the revisions, including layout planning and copyediting.

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Organization: SAI Platform

Year: 2021

Type of Work: Communications

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