SAI Platform (Sugar Beets)

SAI Platform is a non-profit sustainable agriculture organization with global operations. The FSA Accelerator: Russia (previously known as SUBERU) project was a multi-year effort to improve the sustainability of the Russian sugar beet industry.

For this 1500 word case study, my task was to outline the project in a way that would engage current and future SAI Platform members. In contrast to previous technical documents or progress reports, this case study needed to be concise, interesting, and compelling. Our goal was to encourage readers to engage in similar projects in their own industries and countries.

SAI Platform entrusted me with the project from start to finish (a freelancer’s dream!), allowing me to lead my own research, conduct stakeholder interviews with Russian participants and SAI Platform project managers, and form the overall narrative. I was also an active participant in the revisions, including layout planning. It was a treat to receive the final version after it had been through graphic design!

Organization: SAI Platform

Year: 2020

Type of Work: Communications

“Valerie is a seasoned professional and I won’t hesitate to engage her for future communication needs. Throughout the scoping of the work, engaging of key stakeholders for quotes and input, and completing a professionally researched document, Valerie was extremely approachable, was clear and accommodating of our timelines and the needs of our members, despite significant differences in time zones and availability. The quality of the writing fit the tone and message well; Valerie curated this specifically to our audience from the start of our discussions. I look forward to working with Valerie on future projects!”

Nick Betts, Director, Americas, SAI Platform

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